Conservation & Group Size

The OAC was founded in 2008 as Outdoor Adventure Corps, Inc. It was and is a Rhode Island incorporated non-profit, focusing on outdoor education which includes conservation as a key area. We do this through a number of different ways, including formal training courses and informal learning through participating in a wide variety of outdoor adventures.

From the beginning, it was our intention to offer a number of these adventures at low to no cost. With over two thousand people engaged, it is now time to refocus our attention on our environmental conservation mission. For years we have included links to (Leave No Trace) in many of our events (you can see the link to the right). Several of the seven principles reflect efforts to minimize impact and one of the easiest ways to do that is to limit group size. We have been working to follow that idea, but with at least three major avenues to announce our events (this web site, Facebook, and Meetup), it has become difficult to manage. Additionally, we have often had people left out of an event on a waitlist and then had no-shows from those lucky enough to have already filled the openings.

Effectively immediately, all participants need to register for an event through this web site (currently we are leveraging EventBrite, but we will migrate to doing it internally over the course of the next month or two). To make this cost-effective and to ensure less no-shows, we are charging $5 for all event types that have been free in the past. If you participate in the event, you will receive a $3 refund. If you do not, we'll use the $5 to help cover our various operational costs. However, if you are a dues-paying member, you may still register yourself (not friends & family) for free. We will have a better mechanism in place to manage the event registration process in the near future.

Currently, we will follow the following guidelines for our hikes:

All other areas will be limited to 12 for overnight trips and 20 for day trips. The links above reference the source regulations. Group size will be posted for all events moving forward.

I know that this is not a perfect system. I welcome feedback, but I suspect that we will keep this system in place for at least the next six months and then will determine if it should be modified.

Your fellow adventurer,
Jim Robinson

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