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OAC Founder Completes "100-Mile Wilderness"

October 10-13, 2008 - Northern Woods, ME

Mountains Ahead - a view toward White Cap, Chairback, and Barren MountainsIn mid-October of 2008, the director and founder of OAC returned to Maine to complete the southern 52 miles of the 100-Mile Wilderness solo. Standard precautions were taken, including providing trip itineraries to several individuals (including his wife) with a timetable for when he should come out of the woods. This portion of the trail includes several river fordings, which were a bit cool at this time of the year.

Two days included 16-miles of hiking while accending and decending White Cap or traversing the Chairback - Barren Mountain range. Few hikers were to be seen and the days were peacefully spent. He had the great fortune of sharing the lean-tos with two friends completing their end-to-end AT trek by doubling back from Katahdin to Pinkham Notch.

OAC Leaders Trek Along the "100-Mile Wilderness"

August 9-18, 2008 - Northern Woods, ME

Screw Auger Falls in Gulf HagasIn August of 2008, some of the leaders of OAC and other interested adults trekked along the "100-Mile Wilderness" of the Appalachian Trail, near the trail's northern terminus. This incredible adventure was punctuated by loads of signs of both moose and black bear (but no actual encounters), as well as summiting Mount Katahdin and hiking trails that seemed more like streams than pathways. Also along the way a visit to Gulf Hagas was included, described as the "Grand Canyon of Maine."

During the trek, participants covered nearly 70 miles and spent some time out on the famed "Knife's Edge" of Katahdin. They also enjoyed playing in the waters of Katahdin Stream along Blueberry Ledges where signs of bear occupancy abounded. The trip would not have been complete without a short respite at the White House landing, where the burgers weigh in with a pound of beef.

OAC Provides Wilderness First Aid and CPR Training to Area Leaders

June 20-22, 2008 - Ashford, CT

WFA Class 20080622OAC offered its first training class to area outdoor leaders this past weekend. Twenty-three students from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Maine converged on Camp June Norcross Webster in the small town of Ashford, CT to prepare for a variety of summer vocations or treks where the health and safety of youth (and often adults) would depend on quality first aid training of the leaders.

Unlike typical first aid courses, Wilderness First Aid and related responder and EMT courses prepare the individual to provide emergency care when it is unlikely that an ambulance will be pulling up anytime soon. It also emphasises the use of materials at hand, when you're unable to run to the medicine closet.

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