RI DEM Requirements for Solid Daylight Fluorescent Orange

Fluorescent Orange Requirements for users of State Management Areas can be found in the Park & Management Area Rules & Regulations (Section 16.7). It is the user's responsibility to know the rules before hiking in the Wildlife Management Areas.

RI DEM has a summary document on fluorescent orange that essentially says all users of RI State Management areas must wear fluorescent orange from the second Saturday in September to the last day in February and from the third Saturday in April to the last day in May. During most of that time, wearing 200 square inches (a hat) satisfies the requirement. During shotgun deer seasons, the requirement is 500 square inches (a hat and vest). Shotgun deer seasons are during the month of December.

Here are the requirements (from para 16.7.6): “All other users of State Management areas and designated undeveloped state parks, including but not limited to: hikers, bikers, horseback riders, are required to wear two hundred (200) square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange from the third Saturday in October to the last day of February, annually, EXCEPT as stated above in 16.7.4. The wearing of 200 square inches of solid daylight fluorescent orange is required during the established mourning dove and any wild turkey hunting season as promulgated by regulation.”

Para 16.7.4 states, “Five hundred (500) square inches by all hunters and other users (including archers) during shotgun deer season.”

From the Hunting Regulations (updated annually): Generally deer shotgun season is in mid-December, turkey season is mid-April through the end of May, and Mourning Dove season is from mid-September.

What does this mean? Basically, you need to wear at least 200 square inches of orange all fall and winter, and for part of spring. You need to wear 500 square inches in part of December.
200 in2 = a hat, 500 in2 = a hat and vest

You can find a map of RI State Management Areas on the DEM web site. Some areas that we often hike in include: Burlingame, Great Swamp, Carolina, Arcadia, Big River, George Washington, and Buck Hill.

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